ACDRI Transfer & Release Guidelines

Have a purebred Australian Cattle Dog that needs to be rescued or fostered? Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Inc. (ACDRI) may be able to help. Here is what you need to know to determine if your situation qualifies for help from ACDRI:

  1. ACDRI must abide by its Bylaws and Guidelines to help with a rescue or foster situation. As an extension of the parent club, Australian Cattle Dog Club of America (ACDCA), we are held accountable for any and all actions we take.
  2. Contact ACDRI first to see if they can help. You can find our info on our website at Our board is comprised of individuals with many years of experience rescuing and fostering dogs. When contacted, the board will work as quickly as possible to get you an answer and possible solution. However, if you don’t contact ACDRI prior to trying to rescue, foster, or place the dog(s) then it may be very hard, or even impossible, for us to help.
  3. Rescue work is more than getting a dog from Point A to Point B. There are forms and releases to be completed, vetting and evaluations to be done, transports to line up, and expenses to be authorized and paid. To do all this, ACDRI must first secure a signed release from the owner allowing us to take possession of said dogs/puppies. Reputable fosters and transporters also require a signed release from the owner. Simply put, every part of a rescue situation is a potential legal matter and that’s why the documents are needed!
  4. We appreciate your cooperation in helping ACDRI help those dogs who need us most. Donations are always needed and appreciated. With that in mind, there is a ‘Donate’ button on our website, that links to PayPal.
  5. The required forms are also on our website under the ‘Applications’ tabs. Or, if you have questions or want to talk about the process, please contact one of the board members. The email addresses are listed on the website.

Melisa Peacock – President
Donna Simpson – Vice President
Darcia Stebbens – CFO/Treasurer
Deb Knappenberger ‐ Secretary
Megan Trapp ‐ Director
Karen L. Smith ‐ Director
Lib Nichols ‐ Director

THANK YOU for helping ACDRI help dogs in need! Together we can make a difference!